The site

Located in the heart of Elstree, the site covers the nearly six acres outlined in the draft Local Plan. It is situated at the east end of Watford Road and near recognisable locations in the village such as the Church of St Nicholas and Elstree Lawn Tennis Club.

The site was used as a horse paddock with outbuildings and animal feed stores. The former occupants were supported by the freeholder and RVG in their search for a more suitable and long-term home.

Details of how the proposed scheme will be designed to suit the landscape and the wider Elstree community are being developed by the project team appointed by RVG, with an emphasis on consultation with Hertsmere Bough Council, local groups and the wider community. 

The Google satellite image shows how the proposed scheme fits within the existing settlement, helping to complete a village centre. 

Former use

The area is owned by the property division of a large multinational brewer, and was formerly used by Cecil’s Horse Sanctuary for grazing horses and ponies and. Cecil’s  has been seeking a better, more suitable location for some years. Together, with the Trustees of Cecil’s and the freeholder, RVG is delighted to have been able to provide practical help for the horses and the Trustees, and to have secured a much bigger and far more suitable location for the charity. The field is now unused. 

The merits of the site

Based on the evidence gathered by the planning authority during the preparation of its Local Plan, the site is considered suitable for allocation and has been earmarked for development as specialist accommodation. Although the Local Plan has been set aside, the evidence base remains valid.

We always approach every new retirement community as a unique and special opportunity to invest in the wider community. Before committing, we must be confident that we can contribute real benefits, not only for our residents but for the whole neighbourhood.

From the outset, we consider both the potential harms and the merits that the development can bring. We will be the long-term operator and manager of the completed development and so we set out to be a good neighbour from the moment we start the design and planning process.

Good connections and distinctive landscape

The site is well connected with the rest of the Elstree settlement, with the north-eastern corner of the site located close to the High Street. Furthermore, it contains areas of quality trees and vegetation, with a mature oak tree in the centre. A slope from east to west, accompanied with access views to Aldenham Plane, all make the site an appealing location. These features lend themselves to a landscape-led design, grounding the homes and amenities into their environment while still respecting the grain of the surrounding settlement.