The communities of Borehamwood and Elstree are well established and thriving. The area has always had an appeal, attracting people thanks to its setting and proximity to important travel routes. As a result, there is a significant, settled community of older people. Some have come to be closer to family and others have been here for decades, if not all their lives. Elstree and Borehamwood is a place where people can put down roots and create networks of friends, neighbours and families.

Of course, as people age their housing needs change. Retirement Villages Group (RVG) believes that finding the right home can give people a whole new lease of life, helping them to live their best lives for longer. Age should be a blessing, not a burden.

To help the people of Elstree and Borehamwood meet the housing needs of their older generations, RVG has appointed a multi-disciplinary team with decades of combined experience. After considerable, detailed work and in consultation with the local planning authority, RVG is bringing forward proposals for a retirement community in the heart of Elstree. The landscape-led scheme is being designed to provide an environmentally rich space for people aged 65 and over, while integrating with the existing community to improve village life for the communities of Elstree and Borehamwood.


This website is an opportunity to learn more about RVG, keep up to date with plans for Watford Road as they develop, and get in touch with the project team directly. 

About Retirement Villages Group

As a pioneer in creating independent communities, Retirement Villages Group (RVG) has been building and operating the UK’s most loved communities for over 40 years. We’re extremely proud to know we’ve helped thousands of people live happily for  longer and stay independent in their later years. From Cornwall to Lincolnshire and Essex to Sussex we build vibrant, sustainable and supportive communities in which active, full and rewarding lives are lived.

Our plans

Recognising the significant unmet need for housing options for older people in the Borough, RVG is bringing forward proposals for a retirement community in the heart of Elstree.

About the site

A 5.8 acre site situated north of Watford Road in the heart of Elstree village. 

About us

RVG has appointed a multidisciplinary team to help support the proposals.

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