Design amendments

Throughout the consultation process, our architects and design team have been busy progressing the plans in accordance with feedback from local residents and elected officials. As part of the process, we have been working with the council in order to receive their views on how the designs should be improved to best complement the local area. This is achieved through a series of ‘design review panel’ meetings, where each element of the design is scrutinised. 

This page aims to show the design changes following the multiple waves of design review panel feedback. Although the changes appear to be minor, they will significantly contribute towards the look and feel of the finished scheme. Below, we you can see our drawings to illustrate these design amendments. 

We welcome your feedback, and are grateful for the insight offered by members of the local community. Please let us know your thoughts by using the email address: [email protected], or through sending us a message on our Facebook page:

Site pre-DRP
Before review
After review

Above you can notice changes to the height and massing of some of the buildings, while changes have been made to cottages and the main entrance. 

Arrival and village square
We have shifted the spacing between buildings and adjusted their size in order to allow for greater space around the central oak tree. We also wanted to create a greater sense of arrival when entering the village. To do so, we have altered the colonnade positioning. This will open up visibility and better define the route into the village. Adding the the feel around the grounds, we have introduced a clock tower which also serves as a civic gesture. 

We have redesigned the roofscapes and articulation of the eight cottages which will run along the village’s northern side. The addition of chimneys with along the a landscaped roof will provide the cottages with a characterful and rustic appearance.  

Spacings between buildings and landscaping

Looking at the site plans above, you can see the location of, and spacing between, each of the buildings. Changes include a reduction in the separation between the two southern blocks as to not isolate them from the rest of the site. Additionally, this block has also been shifted eastwards to improve the pedestrian entrance.

Below and to the right, an overview of the landscaping plan can be seen – illustrating the trees, hedgerows and pond, among other features. 

Site plan
Landscaping plan