Retirement Villages’ sustainability objectives run like a golden thread through every aspect of the designs. The drive for decarbonisation and biodiversity gain stems from the group’s commitment to ensuring the planet continues to offer the same life-enriching opportunities for future generations.

Reducing the requirement for energy, ensuring the efficient use of energy and integrating low or zero carbon technologies have been crucial for the evolving designs.

Improved building fabric

Adding additional insulation to building elements such as the walls, roof and ground floors will reduce the energy required to heat the building. The designs also ensure low air permeability, which stops the unwanted escape of heat.

Heat pump system

A highly efficient heat pump system will be installed to provide space heating and domestic hot water in residential areas.

EV charging

Each parking bay will be provided with a dedicated 7kW charging point, or will be ducted in preparation for future use.


A solar PV array is being considered as an additional option. If necessary this could generate electricity for the development on site and, for example, be used to offset the power consumed in commercial spaces.

Carbon measures

A key target for the project is to reduce energy demand and carbon emissions and achieve net- zero carbon in operation. This will be achieved by reducing embodied and operational carbon at every stage of the development’s life. Any residual carbon will be off-set via carbon offsetting payments.