What is a Retirement Community?

A common misconception is that a retirement village is akin to a care home. Unlike a care home, however, the purpose of an integrated retirement community (also known as extra care housing, assisted living or housing with care), is to enable people to live independently in later life, irrespective of advancing age or declining health.

To ensure independence, in a retirement village, self-contained homes can be bought or rented. Homes are planned in a way which creates community, with easy access to on-site amenities such as shops, clubhouses and restaurants, while providing onsite care for those who require it.

Our villages offer residents a busy social calendar and a range of amenities that promote a strong and inclusive community spirit. At other RVG properties across the country, there are cafes, restaurants, local farm-style shops and libraries, woodland walks, as well as clubhouses and spa facilities.

Care provision

In addition to health and wellbeing services focusing on prevention and keeping people fit, healthy and engaged, high quality tailored care is provided by a Care Quality Commission Partner operating from premises within the development.